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Kids Program:  

Little Warrior (Ages 4-6 years):

The "Little Warrior" program is an excellent class for the younger child. The focus of the class is building skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, self defense and basic martial arts skills. We emphasize discipline and self confidence as well as having fun! Kids will learn all of this mixed into one awesome program. The students that are in this program test approximately every 6 weeks on the material they have learned. Once they pass the test they will receive a stripe on their belt.  After their first stripe they will then test for a new belt about 6 weeks later.  Little Warriors test for junior ranks (camouflage belt with a colored stripe), and it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 years for the student to graduate from this program depending on the age and maturity level of the student. This program is a great introduction to martial arts training in a fun environment.

Shou Sho Warrior (Ages 6-12 years):

The “Shou Shu Warrior” focuses on physical fitness, discipline, coordination, agility, building self confidence, and creating a true self defense skill. Students are on a 12 week program for belt testing they can earn a stripe in 6 weeks.  Students are required to know all material and maintain a certain level of discipline for their test based on their belt rank. Students are challenged to focus and have fun through the structure and pace of the class. Building character within kids is something that Moore’s is passionate about. We strive to develop the character within our students. Students who attain the orange belt, and display excellent martial arts skills, as well as exhibiting exemplary behavior in class, are candidates for our Junior Instructor program.  Junior Instructors will become helpers in the Little Warrior class initially.  As they get older, and their skills increase, they will begin to take on more responsibilities as junior instructors.

Adult Program:

Moores’ Adult Program caters to all ages, sizes, abilities and beliefs. Our mission is to teach true self defense to everyone who walks through our doors.  Shou Shu is the best art for real life application and perfect for today’s  challenges.  Along with developing the skill to protect yourself and your family, you will gain confidence, focus, and increased physical and mental fitness that will enhance your work and personal life.  Nowhere else will you achieve as much personal growth as you will in your time with us.

Adult Training Structure:

All of our adults are on an unlimited training program. This allows them to attend as many adult classes per week as they are able to. They are also given one, 30 minute private lesson per week.

Group Classes:

In our groups we focus on the application of the art. Students work on their strikes on bags and other equipment as well as reaction fighting. Reaction fighting is where you develop the majority of your skill. You will work on throws, ground fighting, joint locks, striking, multiple attackers, etc. Every aspect of self defense is covered while training in our studio, so that you are prepared for any situation that you may face. The structure and focus of our class also makes for an excellent cardiovascular workout. All of these and much more is what makes us the ultimate self defense art.

Private Lessons:

This is where we will break all of the material down and customize it to work for you. This is a huge piece of the belt training and also refines the skills that you will learn from your group training. This one on one time is absolutely necessary for a student to achieve their goals.

We give you all the tools needed to help reach your black belt.  Once you reach your black belt, the learning doesn't begins. If you’re looking for true self defense and large amounts of self-improvement and personal growth, Moore’s is the right place for you!